Chatwing Supports Social Media Influencers Summit 2013!

This upcoming Social Media Influencers Summit, people from different branches of the social community will meet in one place. As such, this is an event not to be missed by any social media user. Hosted by many sponsors, SMIS will live up to its name as the most anticipated event for bloggers, business owners and students alike this year. And Chatwing, as one of its sponsors, supports it a hundred percent with Chatwing chat widget. Chatwing is a chatting tool made to provide for the bloggers and other users the convenience of engaging their readers through live chat. The chat app is revolutionary and it perfectly fits the theme for this year’s summit: “Trending Forward”. This is because this tool is constantly improving to further bring out only the best chatting experience to its users through its new and innovative features. Setting it up on your site is very easy and will only take seconds. You’ll only need to embed few lines of HTML code into your site and you’ll instantly have your very own chat room. Its log-in methods are integrated with various social networking sites so gaining access to the chat room is very easy – and at the same time it promotes the use of social media. You can log-in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Chatwing or as Guests, if you want to sign in anonymously. With the customization features, you can modify your chat room to any way you want to fit your preferences. And its security features make sure that your chat room is well managed, secure and of course, spam free – banning offenders inside the chat room is a piece of cake and so is deleting their messages. The networking option can sync your chat room with the other Chatwing users, allowing you to have a conversation with chatters on other sites. And with the new chat room theme, you can now see the chatters inside the chat room. One of the basic things you need to know in being an influencer is building relationships and nurturing them. Chatwing chat widget works best on that regard. That’s because, the more you interact with your readers, the more you get closer to them and the more they trust you. And with a chatroom that’s properly managed, people will regard it as a place where you can gain credible and authentic information. With the event closing in and the final touches for the venue in place, the only thing left to do is wait. It’s going to be a very exciting and fulfilling event, coupled with minor and major prizes, so be sure that you and your friends won’t miss it. If you’re a blogger, you can easily share your thoughts with your readers using this and at the same time, you can also spread the word to others by chatting with them too. So set this up now and start chatting with them – and make sure you attend SMIS 2013 with them!

For more information Please visit www.socialmedia.org.ph

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