Complementing Social Media Marketing with Live Chat Widgets

If you’re an Internet marketer, you probably understand the enormous advantage of using social media widgets such as Facebook chat and Twitter buttons. From and Internet marketing standpoint, these widgets are excellent tools for engaging site visitors in topics that relate to the site’s subjects.

Websites are much more interesting with social media buttons, as they let you in on what your friends are up to online, and they also allow your friends to know what things you are exploring online.

But there is another interesting way to let your friends know what you are up to online. ChatWing’s latest version of its live chat button will be launched pretty soon (I actually can’t wait to test drive it on my personal sites).

What’s amazing about ChatWing’s new chat buttons is that it allows for a more seamless integration with your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

I recently had the opportunity to test the new widget out. I was impressed by how it allowed me to log in either with my Facebook profile or with my Twitter account or, most impressively, with both profiles simultaneously.

Check out ChatWing’s live chat button in action.

By combining your current social media approach with groundbreaking tools like chat widgets will certainly make your website perform beyond belief. Who knows what surprises with regards to traffic and sales combining these two tools together could bring?


Choosing Between an Open Source Live Chat Application and Social Media Tools

Right off the bat, you shouldn’t ponder on choosing between an open source live chat application such as ChatWing and onsite social media tools, because quite frankly, both tools are incredibly useful and both tools offer unique benefits to websites.

There shouldn’t be any conflict between using a live chat widget such as ChatWing’s and a social media widget such as Facebook’s or Twitter’s. In fact, using both set of tools could prove highly beneficial, as an onsite live chatting tool can be an excellent complementary tool to social media widgets.
However, a live chat widget has a slight bit of advantage over social media widgets; it is that an onsite live chatting tool provides users with a way to communicate with each other in real-time without having to leave the site itself.

Also, with ChatWing’s unique capabilities that will be rolled out in the coming weeks, you will find that today’s chatting tools could be raising the bar even higher in terms of utility, perhaps essentially placing a new meaning to online socialization.

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ChatWing Update: Better Live Chat Solutions for Your Websites Coming Soon

ChatWing.com is still in the works, and in the coming weeks, it will be launched with quite a bang featuring better live chat solutions and features that no other live chatting tools can provide. We at ChatWing.com are very, very excited about it!

You can still use the existing ChatWing onsite live chat widget found at www.chatwing.com, but in the coming weeks we will be rolling out an even better chatting tool that we think will make you drool and will want to make you install one right away. Recently, we’ve tried a test version and the experience was nothing more than extremely exciting.

The current test version allows for a more flexible login. Users are able to login as guest for anonymity, but in keeping up with the current trends of harnessing the ubiquity of social media, users are able to login in with Facebook or Twitter, or with both simultaneously. Obviously, the test version still needs a lot of debugging and it lacks the feature that will allow you to see who’s on. No provision for private conversation as of yet.

What to expect in the beta version once it’s rolled out?

Same as the above, but with a provision for ads with which websites can draw additional revenue from. The ads are contextual so that the ads that will be appearing will depend on the topics being currently discussed. The beta version will also feature a networking capability which will be discussed in detail in the coming posts.

In the meantime, you may use ChatWing’s current live chat widget found at www.ChatWing.com. I suggest you test drive it today to receive news on when the beta version will be rolling out.


Chatwing Shoutbox Introduces New Communication Channel

Real-time chat has already and has always been associated with famous social networking media such as Facebook, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and even email sites such as Yahoo! and Google Mail. For those who are looking and wanting for something else, Chatwing is finally here – new and promising!

Chatwing Development Team, a company specializing in creating handy blog applications, has decided to step up in the competition by launching a chat widget that comes in numerous forms and has very useful features. The various form factors, each with varying strengths and uses, can be accessed by users in the shoutbox dashboard. Other features introduced in the Chatwing chat app are social media options, quick installation, conversation control, and unlimited chat box creation.

Being the most common form factor, the ‘box’ style embeds the Chatwing app in a micro-chatroom form where people can engage in lively conversations. To start chatting, users need to log in through their social media accounts or as anonymous guests that can utilize the collection of avatars with ‘pop’ references.

The Chatwing app can also be accessed through a pop-up window. This option saves valuable blog space, especially when users want to add many widgets in their blog. Instead of the chatroom format, the Chatwing app can be embedded as a regular chat button that would then become a separate shoutbox window or tab upon clicking.

Lastly, the direct link option is the newest and most outstanding form factor of the Chatwing chatbox. The direct link option aims to make the Chatwing app as mobile-friendly, handy and manageable as possible. With this feature, the user can create his unique username and shortlink, which can be shared through other social media accounts. It can also initiate private group chats for people that need to talk to selected individuals.

Why choose Chatwing?

Compared to other social media platforms, chat became one of their many features and this poses a negative downside. Online chat has never been upgraded and improved that much since their premier. On the other hand, Chatwing is directed and focused on the enrichment of everyone’s online chatting experience. It is committed to continue doing so in the future.


Chatwing.com specializes in the new field of website chat. Over years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat box for hundreds and thousands of blogs. The Chatwing application bridges people from many parts of the world, creating global synergy through the Internet. The shout box can be installed in just seconds, and it can be used for varying purposes such as leisure and Internet marketing. It also allows a user to customize the size, color, and name of the widget. Chatwing is 100% free for everyone.


ChatWing: Going Beyond Social Media Marketing and SEO

Last year, Facebook went through a lot of breakthroughs. It reached the 500 billion mark in terms of user base, and a critically-acclaimed movie was launched on the life of its founder Mark Zuckerberg. 2010 was such a huge year for the world’s most famous social networking site.

Also, last year, Zuckerberg said a bold statement that made us all see the Internet in a new light. “The Internet is defaulting to social,” Zuckerberg declared.

The truth of what Zuckerberg said foretold the doom of many sites that haven’t yet adapted some sort of social element into their Internet marketing strategy. Even the mighty Google was shaken at the prospect of being eaten alive by its worthy opponent. 2010 then saw the launch, and eventual failure of all attempts to quash Facebook’s speedy rise to dominance, even Google’s own efforts.

But the power of SEO where Google’s might is still unquestionable, remains an integral part of how the Internet works as we know it.

Yes, social media marketing, as well SEO, are two indispensable online marketing strategies that businesses should continue to incorporate in their businesses. This brings us to the question “What lies beyond social media marketing and SEO?”

Surely, there are tools out there that when utilized properly, could provide websites the much needed boost in traffic. After all, it is traffic that keeps any website alive. Surely, there are other technologies out there that could be the next big thing. Well, it’s really hard to say how ChatWing.com could crush Facebook and Google. But the concept of ChatWing’s remarkable utility would make every social media marketing and SEO advocate look twice.

ChatWing employs a unique technology that “networks” similar websites, providing them with liquidity in the form of chatters. That’s fine from a social media marketing standpoint, as in a way, that’s essentially what social media marketing is, bringing together like-minded Internet users. However, ChatWing’s technology goes even further by allowing users to communicate about a site’s topic in real-time.

What can we expect five to 10 years down the road with ChatWing? We’ll find out real soon how all this plays out.


Chatwing.com: Best Facebook Chat Alternative

Facebook, being the world’s most visited site, has made their own Facebook chat tool as one of the most used instant messaging on the Internet. It’s an excellent tool for allowing Facebook friends to get chatty in real-time, and some applications even allow for Facebook’s chatting widget to be embedded on site so that users can post their comments on other people’s post. It’s an incredible application to essentially still be on Facebook, even while on another site.

Such application, however, has been set up with only Facebook users in mind. What about Internet users who are also active in other social networking sites such as Twitter?

Enter ChatWing.com. The new version of ChatWing’s live chat widget is deemed to be one of the best Facebook chat alternatives in that it has been created with Twitter users also in mind. Testing of the new ChatWing live chatting tool shows that users can login with either their Facebook or Twitter accounts or they can login using both at the same time.

To make things a lot more exciting for those who just can’t help but share anything they find amusing or interesting on Facebook or Twitter, ChatWing’s chatting widget makes it effortlessly simple to share any messages posted on ChatWing. At the click of the mouse, users can seamlessly share messages on Facebook and Twitter.

 Check out the video below on how ChatWing’s live chat widget works.

Looking for a Facebook chat alternative for your website? Check out ChatWing.com.



Online Chat Rooms for Adults Proper Etiquette

The absence of proper etiquette in an online chat rooms for adults is characterized unruly, a difference that chatango chat rooms make since chatters on its chatting websites are continually reminded to be respectful and keen in observing proper conversation protocols. A rule and order is important especially in communication. The absence of which is miscommunication that will complicate chatting in an online chat rooms for adults.

Like in any games there are rules to play. So chat as game has etiquettes as part of the rules when chatting. Let us then consider these major and minor etiquettes when playing the game of chat especially in a chatango chat rooms.

Major Etiquettes1) Politeness It will be polite to ask if you could join a chatroom especially there are few subscribers to it. Once you are welcomed take some time to review the previous discussion so you can participate more intelligibly and contribute substantively.

2) Be considerate To be considerate is to be respectful of the people you are chatting with. Try to be patient especially among beginners (newbies). Recognize the fact that when you chat others will have different personality, opinions, cultural background and experiences from you.  When discussing topics such as religion and politics different point of views and opinions should be discussed and dealt with a lot of tact and diplomacy.

3) Friendliness A chat becomes meaningful when you made new friends from among the chatters. Imagine making new connections from different parts of the world and touching lives of different people through your inspiration and wisdom. Although it is not the maxim but definitely making new friends is something chatters would always look forward to when they chat.
Minor Etiquettes

1) Avoid the use of CAPITAL LETTERS unless you are visually impaired or visually challenged the use of capital letters is a no-no. Computer language etiquette instruct that for chatting and even emailing the use of capital letters is like shouting. If you cannot avoid writing in ALL CAPS then explain it to the people you are talking or writing.

2) Avoid the use of too much colors or blinking emotions Some may find it fancy but others may get annoyed with colors that is difficult to read and distracted by too much blinking or moving emotions. Use them sparingly. It is far better to impress the people you are chatting websites with your wisdom and funny entertaining personality than your savvy hacker side. Unless it is a hacker’s chat.

3) Avoid lurking like stalkers When joining a chat do not just lurk and read. Join the conversation and have fun. Introduce yourself, tell if you are a beginner or new to the chat room and if you think it is not your topic of interest then inform the rest of the chatters that you are leaving them. It is definitely important to be aware of these etiquettes of online chat rooms for adults that should be properly observed especially in a chatango chat rooms, only then will the experience of chatting websites be more worthwhile and pleasurable one. Although these major and minor etiquettes is not a must, however, these suggestions will be very helpful for those who would want maximum benefit in their chatting.


Monetizing Your Blog? Let ChatWing Live Chat Solutions Help

ChatWing is very close to completing the development of its new site ChatWing.com, so stay tuned. By now, we are all very excited about the development happening at ChatWing and about the remarkable reception of its live chat solutions.

We have been getting inquiries about how its unique networking tool will work and how it will be very different from all the other live chatting widgets out there. As for the networking technology that we’re working on, it’s only a matter of weeks before we roll it out.

Another cool ChatWing feature that we are very excited to let you in on is the advertising revenue sharing that comes with our chat widget.

Our chat widget will run contextual ads, so that the ads that will appear on each chat widget will depend on the site’s topic where there are installed. What’s great about this is that we share advertising revenue with users. This means that with ChatWing’s live chat solutions, your site will have another monetization stream without you having to sweat it.

How much will this new income stream be worth to your website? No one knows for sure, but traffic will definitely play a very important role in achieving a decent amount of revenue from ChatWing’s ads revenue sharing model. But in the weeks following its rollout, we’ll definitely let you know some case studies on how this all went.

Everything, including this feature is still in the works, but we will keep you posted on the developments in the coming days through this blog.


Meebo Alternative for Your Business

A Meebo alternative or Meebo chat alternative can help you with your business. Meebo  alternative can be your Facebook chat alternative. Search around for a chatting tool that can be advantageous for your company.

Many entrepreneurs have now turned to the internet to start or expand their business. They recognize the advantages of making their presence known online. Potential customers turn to the search engine to know more about certain companies or products.

Business owners are also recognizing the benefits of chatting tools. There are many ways that having instant messaging tools can prove to be valuable to companies.

Websites and Blogs

Your website can contain information about products and services that you offer. You can announce promotions, press releases and other info that they need their customers to be aware of. Your blogs can also serve as a source of information for people.

Chatting tools can be installed on your company website or blog. Get a code for a widget that you can embed in your website. And you can make use of this chatting tool for the benefit of your business.

Through instant messaging you can have communication with your customers in real time. When they have concerns, problems and other questions you may provide the necessary answers and even solutions to these. You can have a help desk for your customers. You can communicate in real time.

Aside from information you can get from your customers, you can also get information from them. You can ask for contact information such as names and e-mail addresses for further communication.

You may find out about features they like about your products or even suggestions on how you can improve your products and services. Information you will find can also help you in targeting your audience in marketing campaigns.


Chatting tools can also be used for advertising your products or services. There is potential in this medium of advertising as people may spend longer time online when they are having fun chatting with friends.

Pick a chatting tool that allows you to show different kinds of advertising. Ads can come in videos, games, quizzes, interactive sites and other forms that can easily attract attention.

Choose a company that knows how to match ads with the right audience. They need to see ads that they would be interested in. Target audience should be considered when advertising through an instant messenger.


Social networking sites are very popular these days. In these sites people share many things with their friends. Others share videos, pictures, articles and even advertisements.

Chatting tools also have this feature of easy sharing of information and files. The Meebo alternative allows chatters to drag and drop advertisement from a page to anyone in his buddy list. Sharing should be easy and fun so people can enjoy chatting.

For more information about the Meebo alternative, you can search www.meebo.com. If you feel like a Facebook chat alternative couldn’t give your business to your full potential, you can try another option, a Filipino Chatrooms or a kids chat rooms for free.


Monetize Your Online Chat Rooms for Adults

Since the Internet opened its doors to the whole world during the 90’s, online chat rooms for adults, live chat programs, and chatting websites have also boomed.

Who says that online chat rooms for adults only mean that you are single and ready to mingle? That you are ready to find some love online? Or you have this favorite hobby that you want to meet other people who have the same interest as yours? Optimize your online experience by starting up your own business. To be specific, you can try an adult chat room kind of business. Online chat rooms for adults do not only allow people to chat with those who are in their local area but also with the whole wide world. The great news, this is possible with the convenience of someone’s own home.

On the other hand, when starting up your own chatting website for your business, you really need to be careful. That is because when people think about keywords such as online chat rooms for adults, it may sound like unambiguous. No wonder it is part of a multi-billion-dollar entertainment. The good news is that starting up a chatting website for your business, it does not require much and will let you manoeuvre anywhere and anytime in the world.

Do not know where to start? Let us share with you how:
Come up with a domain name for your live chat programs.
What is a domain name? It is the destination wherein a potential customer will type on the web browser to get to your chatting website. To name a few, amazon.com and craiglist.com are some examples.

For purchasing of domain names, you may get them at godaddy.com or ehostpros.com.
You may be able to attract more adults on your live chat programs by making your domain name catchy.

Buy an adult web host for your chatting website.

Investigate on web hosts that particularly provide hosting websites with online chat rooms for adults. The estimated cost is three dollars a month. One example is the Domain Web Hosting Service.

Design your website for online chat rooms for adults.

Depending on your budget, you can do it yourself or hire a web designer.
One advantage of hiring a web designer is that you and he can go through how you want your chatting website to look like. You can go to guru.com and elance.com to find freelance web designers.

For your live chat programs, find a chat room script.

What are chat room scripts? They are programming codes that incorporates with the design of your website. This will enable your potential customers to chat. There are various sites you can go to for free scripts.

Promote and market your chatting website.

This can be done by coordinating and collaborating with other online chat rooms for adults.
So the next time you want to get more exposure for your business, you can use online chat rooms for adults, live chat programs, or maybe even create your own chatting website. For more information, you may also visit www.chatwings.com.


Meebo Alternative for Your Ads

A Meebo alternative is a good Facebook chat alternative because a Meebo chat alternative can provide you with income by getting business owners to place ads. Find out about advantages to using the Meebo alternative.

The internet has become a very powerful tool for advertising. Companies have seen the importance of setting up their official websites and even blogs of their products, services, activities and other information about their firms. They have made their presence known in social networking sites, too.

Many people around the world are active internet users. No wonder business owners have turned to making business and advertising online. They can reach their target audience over the internet and turn prospective customers into actual buyers of their products and services.

Traditional advertising in the form of videos in between television shows, music in various radio stations, informative texts and colorful print ads in newspapers and magazines as well as giant billboard ads on busy streets are still used. These forms of advertising have, in a way, found their way to the World Wide Web.

A few lines and a small picture over the internet can pose as an ad as you view your profiles in a social networking site. Some ads can surprise you with color and interesting pictures. Some advertisers also turn to videos and music when advertising their products online.

Another way that entrepreneurs can advertise is through chatting tools. A lot of people engage in chatting with friends, family or even colleagues and business associates. Advertisers may find that this is a good tool to advertise in.

Easy sharing. When choosing a chatting tool to advertise in, choose one that is user friendly. Your potential customers must be able to understand and easily use and navigate the chatting tool.

They must be able to easily share information with their friends. If they have been impressed with your ad they might send this information directly to them. The Meebo alternative makes use of drag and drop to share ad with chat buddies.

Advertisement variety. Your ads should be interesting, compelling and convincing. It must attract people’s attention so they can know more about your product. When you share these ads and persuade them to purchase your product then that would be a success to you.

Search for a chatting tool that allows you to have a range of options in putting up ads.  Aside from videos and music, why not try simple games, quizzes and interactive sites. Be creative in advertising your products and services.

Targeted audience. Make sure that when you advertise, your ads reach the people that would be interested in your product. That should be the case in advertising with chatting tools.

Your audience might be from a certain area or they might be grouped according to their interests. Find out if the chatting tool you want to use can help you advertise in this way.

Check out www.meebo.com and find out if they have the right chatting tool for you that might serve as your Facebook chat alternative. See if you want to place your ad with the Meebo chat alternative or a Meebo alternative.