ChatWing Update: Better Live Chat Solutions for Your Websites Coming Soon

ChatWing.com is still in the works, and in the coming weeks, it will be launched with quite a bang featuring better live chat solutions and features that no other live chatting tools can provide. We at ChatWing.com are very, very excited about it!

You can still use the existing ChatWing onsite live chat widget found at www.chatwing.com, but in the coming weeks we will be rolling out an even better chatting tool that we think will make you drool and will want to make you install one right away. Recently, we’ve tried a test version and the experience was nothing more than extremely exciting.

The current test version allows for a more flexible login. Users are able to login as guest for anonymity, but in keeping up with the current trends of harnessing the ubiquity of social media, users are able to login in with Facebook or Twitter, or with both simultaneously. Obviously, the test version still needs a lot of debugging and it lacks the feature that will allow you to see who’s on. No provision for private conversation as of yet.

What to expect in the beta version once it’s rolled out?

Same as the above, but with a provision for ads with which websites can draw additional revenue from. The ads are contextual so that the ads that will be appearing will depend on the topics being currently discussed. The beta version will also feature a networking capability which will be discussed in detail in the coming posts.

In the meantime, you may use ChatWing’s current live chat widget found at www.ChatWing.com. I suggest you test drive it today to receive news on when the beta version will be rolling out.

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