Meebo Alternative for Your Business

A Meebo alternative or Meebo chat alternative can help you with your business. Meebo  alternative can be your Facebook chat alternative. Search around for a chatting tool that can be advantageous for your company.

Many entrepreneurs have now turned to the internet to start or expand their business. They recognize the advantages of making their presence known online. Potential customers turn to the search engine to know more about certain companies or products.

Business owners are also recognizing the benefits of chatting tools. There are many ways that having instant messaging tools can prove to be valuable to companies.

Websites and Blogs

Your website can contain information about products and services that you offer. You can announce promotions, press releases and other info that they need their customers to be aware of. Your blogs can also serve as a source of information for people.

Chatting tools can be installed on your company website or blog. Get a code for a widget that you can embed in your website. And you can make use of this chatting tool for the benefit of your business.

Through instant messaging you can have communication with your customers in real time. When they have concerns, problems and other questions you may provide the necessary answers and even solutions to these. You can have a help desk for your customers. You can communicate in real time.

Aside from information you can get from your customers, you can also get information from them. You can ask for contact information such as names and e-mail addresses for further communication.

You may find out about features they like about your products or even suggestions on how you can improve your products and services. Information you will find can also help you in targeting your audience in marketing campaigns.


Chatting tools can also be used for advertising your products or services. There is potential in this medium of advertising as people may spend longer time online when they are having fun chatting with friends.

Pick a chatting tool that allows you to show different kinds of advertising. Ads can come in videos, games, quizzes, interactive sites and other forms that can easily attract attention.

Choose a company that knows how to match ads with the right audience. They need to see ads that they would be interested in. Target audience should be considered when advertising through an instant messenger.


Social networking sites are very popular these days. In these sites people share many things with their friends. Others share videos, pictures, articles and even advertisements.

Chatting tools also have this feature of easy sharing of information and files. The Meebo alternative allows chatters to drag and drop advertisement from a page to anyone in his buddy list. Sharing should be easy and fun so people can enjoy chatting.

For more information about the Meebo alternative, you can search www.meebo.com. If you feel like a Facebook chat alternative couldn’t give your business to your full potential, you can try another option, a Filipino Chatrooms or a kids chat rooms for free.

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