ChatWing: Going Beyond Social Media Marketing and SEO

Last year, Facebook went through a lot of breakthroughs. It reached the 500 billion mark in terms of user base, and a critically-acclaimed movie was launched on the life of its founder Mark Zuckerberg. 2010 was such a huge year for the world’s most famous social networking site.

Also, last year, Zuckerberg said a bold statement that made us all see the Internet in a new light. “The Internet is defaulting to social,” Zuckerberg declared.

The truth of what Zuckerberg said foretold the doom of many sites that haven’t yet adapted some sort of social element into their Internet marketing strategy. Even the mighty Google was shaken at the prospect of being eaten alive by its worthy opponent. 2010 then saw the launch, and eventual failure of all attempts to quash Facebook’s speedy rise to dominance, even Google’s own efforts.

But the power of SEO where Google’s might is still unquestionable, remains an integral part of how the Internet works as we know it.

Yes, social media marketing, as well SEO, are two indispensable online marketing strategies that businesses should continue to incorporate in their businesses. This brings us to the question “What lies beyond social media marketing and SEO?”

Surely, there are tools out there that when utilized properly, could provide websites the much needed boost in traffic. After all, it is traffic that keeps any website alive. Surely, there are other technologies out there that could be the next big thing. Well, it’s really hard to say how ChatWing.com could crush Facebook and Google. But the concept of ChatWing’s remarkable utility would make every social media marketing and SEO advocate look twice.

ChatWing employs a unique technology that “networks” similar websites, providing them with liquidity in the form of chatters. That’s fine from a social media marketing standpoint, as in a way, that’s essentially what social media marketing is, bringing together like-minded Internet users. However, ChatWing’s technology goes even further by allowing users to communicate about a site’s topic in real-time.

What can we expect five to 10 years down the road with ChatWing? We’ll find out real soon how all this plays out.

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