Chatwing.com: Best Facebook Chat Alternative

Facebook, being the world’s most visited site, has made their own Facebook chat tool as one of the most used instant messaging on the Internet. It’s an excellent tool for allowing Facebook friends to get chatty in real-time, and some applications even allow for Facebook’s chatting widget to be embedded on site so that users can post their comments on other people’s post. It’s an incredible application to essentially still be on Facebook, even while on another site.

Such application, however, has been set up with only Facebook users in mind. What about Internet users who are also active in other social networking sites such as Twitter?

Enter ChatWing.com. The new version of ChatWing’s live chat widget is deemed to be one of the best Facebook chat alternatives in that it has been created with Twitter users also in mind. Testing of the new ChatWing live chatting tool shows that users can login with either their Facebook or Twitter accounts or they can login using both at the same time.

To make things a lot more exciting for those who just can’t help but share anything they find amusing or interesting on Facebook or Twitter, ChatWing’s chatting widget makes it effortlessly simple to share any messages posted on ChatWing. At the click of the mouse, users can seamlessly share messages on Facebook and Twitter.

 Check out the video below on how ChatWing’s live chat widget works.

Looking for a Facebook chat alternative for your website? Check out ChatWing.com.


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The important thing here is to take some time when designing your application to see which approach will be the best for your application.
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