Choosing Between an Open Source Live Chat Application and Social Media Tools

Right off the bat, you shouldn’t ponder on choosing between an open source live chat application such as ChatWing and onsite social media tools, because quite frankly, both tools are incredibly useful and both tools offer unique benefits to websites.

There shouldn’t be any conflict between using a live chat widget such as ChatWing’s and a social media widget such as Facebook’s or Twitter’s. In fact, using both set of tools could prove highly beneficial, as an onsite live chatting tool can be an excellent complementary tool to social media widgets.
However, a live chat widget has a slight bit of advantage over social media widgets; it is that an onsite live chatting tool provides users with a way to communicate with each other in real-time without having to leave the site itself.

Also, with ChatWing’s unique capabilities that will be rolled out in the coming weeks, you will find that today’s chatting tools could be raising the bar even higher in terms of utility, perhaps essentially placing a new meaning to online socialization.

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