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Every day, competition in the market gets tougher. As a businessman or entrepreneur you should always be thinking on how your products or services will be better than your competitors and how you will attract more buyers. This is an entrepreneur’s every day challenge, there is actually no resting, and there is only thinking about how to overcome the competition.

In business, you should always be well updated about every thing- from your competitors’ price offer and discounts, trends and the latest feature you can add to the product or service that the customers will not be able to resist.

Obviously, marketing research is an important component of managing a business. To be able to come up with calculated strategies and offers it should be based on research, it should have a reliable basis. Marketing research aside from its importance, it is also expensive- from forming survey questionnaires to assigning people to gather and collect information all of these entail cost. Cutting on such costs will be beneficial to your company, isn't it? Exploiting the advantages brought by the internet is one solution. There are lot readily available and free tools in the internet you could use in research. For starters, a chat widget named ChatWing can be a great aid.

Creating a chat network will be a great venue for marketing and customer research plus you get to create a valuable connection between you and your customers. Embedding ChatWing in your site is easy and no additional cost will be required from you. Enter your domain name in the box found at ChatWing’s home page to get the HTML code to be used in installing this chat widget. If in the process you will encounter any difficulty, ChatWing has customer assistance ready to help you 24 hours a day.

In your chat network, you can post questions or interesting facts about your services or products which will solicit reactions and opinions from customers or other website visitors. Surely, these interactions will provide you with useful data that can help you in planning or formulating your next marketing strategy.

This is a best opportunity, too, to know your market better and adjust to their needs and wants. Since, chatters will be asked to log in to their Twitter or Facebook account, you can add them in your Facebook or Twitter Account, ask them to like your page or follow you so that every time you update your accounts they will be informed immediately about discounts or new product launches.

Through this chat widget you can also join other chat networks and explore or connect with other companies, you’ll never know what useful data you can gather that will be useful in the future. Just always take time to be updated and never stop connecting and knowing your market, this way you will never be left behind in the competition. is the best live chat widget and chat software for websites and blogs. Chatwing can be an alternative and on line chat solution for bloggers and websites to offer live chat on sites and provide a great interactive experience for users. To learn more about the online utility that offers, visit

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