Monetizing Your Blog? Let ChatWing Live Chat Solutions Help

ChatWing is very close to completing the development of its new site ChatWing.com, so stay tuned. By now, we are all very excited about the development happening at ChatWing and about the remarkable reception of its live chat solutions.

We have been getting inquiries about how its unique networking tool will work and how it will be very different from all the other live chatting widgets out there. As for the networking technology that we’re working on, it’s only a matter of weeks before we roll it out.

Another cool ChatWing feature that we are very excited to let you in on is the advertising revenue sharing that comes with our chat widget.

Our chat widget will run contextual ads, so that the ads that will appear on each chat widget will depend on the site’s topic where there are installed. What’s great about this is that we share advertising revenue with users. This means that with ChatWing’s live chat solutions, your site will have another monetization stream without you having to sweat it.

How much will this new income stream be worth to your website? No one knows for sure, but traffic will definitely play a very important role in achieving a decent amount of revenue from ChatWing’s ads revenue sharing model. But in the weeks following its rollout, we’ll definitely let you know some case studies on how this all went.

Everything, including this feature is still in the works, but we will keep you posted on the developments in the coming days through this blog.

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