3 Ways to Use ChatWing Live Chat Widget on Websites

In the next couple of weeks, ChatWing will be rolling out with an all-new live chat widget that is poised to transform the way we communicate with our audience onsite. You can test-drive ChatWing’s newest onsite live chat tool here.

As you can see, ChatWing’s live chat button does more than just let you and other users chat in real-time. With full social media integration, you can cross-share your chat messages to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

ChatWing is indeed going to be one of the most useful onsite tools out there, and here are three ways to use it on websites.

Improve bounce rate

As previously discussed (link), bounce rate is obviously a search engine ranking factor. With high bounce rates, it could mean that the site is not as relevant as it has been made to appear. A high bounce rate is also an indication of the site not being “sticky” enough for the users. To remedy this, a good chatting tool such as ChatWing’s should be implemented to get visitors engaged on topics relating to the site’s products or services.

A good customer service platform

ChatWing’s live chat solutions can also be used as a good customer service platform where visitors or customers can make their feelings known or where they can ask their questions. With this real-time communication tool, their concerns and issues can be immediately addressed. Now, customers can say goodbye to expect-a-response-within-24-hours resolution.

Best of all, it’s the “networking” that excites us

Yes, even we at ChatWing are so excited to launch our very own chatting tool that links related websites using our service. With our unique networking feature, we’re sort of raising the bar even higher for social + real-time communication.

To get your very own live chat widget for your website, visit www.chatwing.com today.

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