Questions to Ask Before Integrating a Live Chat Widget

As with everything else, as far as integrating a utility into a website is concerned, there are certain questions to ask to see whether doing such is viable or useful.

So, let’s get right down to some of the questions that we should look into when integrating a live chat widget within any website.

Question no. 1: Is it useful?

This question is probably the most fundamental of them all. If a live chat tool has no real use for your website, then apparently there is no point in allocating a precious portion of your online real estate which you could use for something else. If your site is a forum for Internet marketing, for example, you may or may not use a chat widget. It could be pointless in this case as everyone is communicating anyway, albeit not as real-time as with a chatting tool.

In the next question, we’ll see the level of usefulness an onsite live chat tool could offer your site depending on which area your site needs improvement.

Question no. 2: Should your site use it?

If you are running a static website, whatever the niche is, and you think your site could improve in terms of visibility, traffic and bounce rate.

Question no. 3: What do you think is the real benefit of this utility to your site?

Look at your site’s analytics. If your site has a bounce rate of upwards 60%, chances are, good old Google will slap you for being not relevant to your visitors. Search engine spiders will somehow see your site as being stuffed with keywords to make it appear relevant to users. But you can’t fool them, as your bounce rate, or the rate of people visiting and then leaving within the first few seconds.

So how can a live chat widget help improve your site’s bounce rate? With a live chat tool onsite, people will want to stay on your site some more as they engage with other visitors in real-time and talk about topics relating to the site.

Find out today how ChatWing.com can help improve your site’s bounce rate and overall interactive experience.

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