What Makes Facebook Chat Rooms Engaging

Chatting websites offer live chat programs, and an example of these are Facebook chat rooms. What are the advantages of using Facebook Chat Rooms? Find out more about these.

You know who is online. Yes, green means go. In Facebook chat rooms, a green dot means something like that, too: green means go ahead you can chat with this friend. Facebook’s chatting tool has a side bar that lists friends who are online. They are using Facebook at the same time you are using it, too

Facebook’s side bar is readily available for you to be able to choose who to chat with. It has your friends’ profile pictures, names, and a green dot for those who are online. The list is also alphabetically arranged for convenience in looking for the right name.

If you couldn’t find the friend that you are looking for in the list, you can click “More online friends”. And you can find out if the friend is hidden in this list. Scrolling up and down is also a good idea. Or better yet, type the name of your friend in the little box in the bottom to search for the friend you want to chat with.

You can chat with many friends at one time. With Facebook chat rooms, you have the luxury of being able to chat with many friends at the same time. That’s a sort of multi-tasking in chatting for you.

Click the name of the online friend you want to chat with. Then click another one and another one and still another one. Then, chat with them all at the same time. Yes, you can do that with Facebook chat rooms.

There’s also another way of chatting with many people at the same time. Here’s how you can do that. Click the name of the first friend from the list. Then in the individual box that appeared, click the flower symbol and click “Add Friends to Chat.” You can then type the name of another friend, then click done. You chat with many friends at the same time in one chat box.

This tool is very useful for friends who are talking about the same things. Groups can also plan certain events and activities in this setting. Information shared with the group is read by everyone.
Another feature of Facebook chat rooms is the ability it gives the user to be able to see the “full conversation.” You can review questions asked previously that haven’t been answered yet. You can check out information and confirm whether the information you have is the right one or not.
If you don’t want to chat, just uncheck “Available to Chat” on the side bar. Chat sounds can also be turned off. When you’re ready to chat you can click these two and you will be notified when someone wants to chat with you.

You can also check out other chatting websites and live chat programs if you feel like comparing these to Facebook chat rooms.

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